Thursday, 14 June 2012

Myths about career in Testing.....

Myths about career in testing...

  1.  No growth in career for test engineers
  2.  Salaries are not at par with other technologies for testers
  3.  Testers will be terminated first in recession
  4.  Testers will not get the respect in the company
All the above are myths only, they are not true.

 No growth in career for test engineers
There are lot of companies in the world only doing testing with huge revenues. Testing is an internal company or special division in almost all the companies. Heads of these departments are growing from testing as in the other groups. My manager started career with simple BSc and now he grown to Sr. Manager and delivery head of a group in previous company. So no stop for your career as long as you are performing. There is no growth for the non-performers in this industry.

Salaries are not at par with other technologies for testers

Through out my career, My salary was at par with the others, except in few cases where there is no resource available in the market for a skill, then that people may get some extra bonus or big jump in salary when they change the company based on demand and supply. Keep updated yourself in your area to be competitive. if you are not updating and doing something different than the others, no hike. doing all the work on-time contributes only 70-80% for performance appraisal. How important you are for the company contributes the remaining part which is a differentiator for any one either developer or tester.

Testers will be terminated first in recession

Recession mean what? not having projects or no work.
If there is no work in the company, what they will do with developers by terminating only testers? if they have to terminate some employees first criterion is performance, then loyalty and finally the availability of the skill in the market. it is not that only tester has to quit. Both the developers and testers have to leave when there is no work. No one feed you without work.

Testers will not get the respect in the company
Testers and Developers are equal to the company. Both of them are their intellectual property. If a product or project is to be successful the proper co-ordination should be there between dev and tester. If this coordination is not there nos success. If tester is not perfect product may fail which impacts the customer and hence the company. So respect will not be based on the technology, it is based on how you perform.

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